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Process Design Matrix and Summary OPS 571 Catherine Gillespie UOPX Dr. Fogarty April 20th, 2015 Process Design Matrix and Summary Design focal point Take 'N' Bake Pizza which you are able to take home personalized that you have chosen. Mixture of any toppings, different options of cheese, and style of pizza. Options that are endless for one to choose and design to their wishes. Strategy Your pizza perfection built the way you enjoy it from toppings to crust. You have a handmade pizza within a matter of minutes. No sitting down or waiting for it to be cooked. You take it home and cook it yourself. Process design approach How do you want the customers to be able to pick out their toppings? Are they able to watch you build the pizza or just bring it out to them? How are you going to approach the customers? Process map Prepare the ingredients including all fresh vegetables, meats, cheese, and dough products. Have items ready to be prepared for the customer. Serve the final product to the customer. Process Performance Measurement How many customers do you want a day to come through your business? Are all the ingredients going to still be fresh for the customer? How will you handle the dinner rush of customers? Factory location Locations of Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza is located in areas that are rural to urban. People can franchise and become part of the family of Papa Murphy's. There are currently over 1,400 locations within the United States, Canada, and United Arab Nations. Facility layout Contemporary layout and style made for easy customer use. Digital menu boards that display thousand of options for customers. Ability to see fresh dough made and ingredients freshly chopped. Process design Customers come in for hand created fresh ingredient based pizza. Customized and personalized pizza chosen by the customer. Digital options has

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