Opression in Ancient America

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Name Surname Instructor's Name Course Due Date REFLECTION ESSAY OPPRESSION IN ANCIENT AMERICA I had developed an interest to unravel the nature of social and political life of past communities in America. I have found out that some history readings have pointed towards a tainted humanity in the past. Impressions of some literature have led me to note of a past clouded with oppression. It evokes important queries on oppression and the rationale behind it. In one such works, Vera Cruz’s ‘Sour grapes: symbol of oppression’, presents critical propositions on human repression in the past. It portrays the classical of subjugation in the ancient America. The work, overlooked the confines of the nation, in what came to form the basis of Filipino-American history. It is an unsurpassed milestone. I found that the work presents an opportunity to the world to reflect on the Filipino families and how they were put through unkind of treatment. It is an exertion that continues to hold relevance even in the modern world, where despite the massive transformation; people still live with traces of oppression. I denoted the bravery exhibited by women in the writings of Merilynne Hamano Quon, in concerted efforts to fight oppression. The book triggers a reflection of the Asian-American movement and how it drew up strategy to alleviate repression of the time. It is an inspiration that people from the various classes of life such as workers, youth, elderly, and the poor shared a platform to voice concerns towards achieving equality. I recall about the impression that they were propelled by the desire to elevate and empower women, who were still living in the shadow of man’s oppression. I find such aspiration really creditable. Another literally work that I found supreme in how it illustrates past American social life is Ron Low’s “A Brief Biographical Sketch of a Newly-Found
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