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Mika Charles Oprah Winfrey The person I researched was Oprah Winfrey. The reason I choose Oprah is because she is a phenomenal women and I have always wanted to learn how she became successful in life despite her broken childhood. I truly believe she is an awesome role model to women out there that are looking to pursue their dreams. Even though she was poor African American women she overcame the odds and gained respect from multi-cultural audiences. She is one of the richest self-made women in America. Oprah is a Theory Y leader for many different reasons. Oprah takes full responsibility and she is fully motivated to fulfill the goals that are given to her. She also seeks and accepts responsibility and does not need much direction. Oprah considers work and helping others as a natural part of her life style. She is committed to her tasks all the time and she wont stop until she accomplishes her goal. Born to an unwed mother on January 29, 1954 in Mississippi. Oprah spent her first years with her grandmother in Mississippi. Oprah was reading bible verses and reciting poems at local churches at the age of three. Oprah’s life changed horribly at the age of six when she went to live with her mother. When Oprah’s mom was at work or not at home, Oprah was repeatedly molested by male relatives. The abuse lasted from ages nine to thirteen. At age fourteen she was on her own and she was sexually promiscuous as a teenager. After she gave birth to a baby boy that died in infancy she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to live with her dad. Vernon Winfrey (Oprah’s dad) was very strict but he gave her the secure home, guidance and life she needed. Oprah had a curfew and her dads made her read a book and write a book report every week. Oprah quoted “he had some concerns about me making the best of my life and would not accept anything less than what he

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