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The infamous Oprah Winfrey once proclaimed, “My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”. These inspiring words from this world renowned philanthropist, talk show host, and producer pose as encouragement for people across the globe to strive to achieve their dreams. Winfrey motivates men and women of all ages and ethnicities to make intelligent and conscious decisions to reach their fullest potential. Because of the honorable way she has lived her life, Oprah Winfrey would be classified as a critical thinker. Critical thinkers are those who challenge and educate others, question themselves and their ideas, and use thoughts and feelings to identify their morals. People from every nation across the world aspire to be like Oprah because of her persistence, strong will power, and drive that have led to her many successes. Due to self-motivation and strong discipline, Oprah has been able to overcome her troubled past and receive a college degree, build schools in poverty-based countries, and maintain a talk show dedicated to self-improvement and charity work. Credited with an astounding reputation, Oprah is known as one of the world’s most influential African American female figures in history. Raised by a single-teenaged mother, Oprah spent her childhood in a poor and deprived area in the midst of Mississippi. Raped and impregnated at a young age, she underwent a series obstacles and hardships during her childhood. However, when she enrolled in high school, a drama class miraculously presented her with a life changing opportunity. She was then presented with the chance to deliver a newscast for a local news station whose attention her charm and positive attitude had completely captivated. This opportunity gave her the confidence to enter a public speaking contest

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