Oppression Essay

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Bonus Credit “Shopping” Throughout this term, you will all have the chance to receive Bonus Cards in the class. These Bonus Cards will usually say “Bonus Card +10pts.” You can use the card(s) for a variety of class work enhancements, so collect as many of them as you can! How many cards do you have? | What enhancement can I “buy?” | How can I redeem this? | 1 card | Assignment Redo | When there is a homework assignment (no tests) that you received a low score on, you can have the chance to redo it. Simply redo the homework in question, print it out, and staple on your Bonus Card to the assignment, 1 card per 1 assignment redo. | 2 cards | Assignment Skip | If there is too much homework for you, write down the name of the assignment you want to skip on the back of your Bonus cards, and give them to me (2 cards: 1 assignment). Note, however, that “skip” means you will receive no score. | 3 cards | Assignment Skip II | This bonus is the same as above, except this time, even though you skip the assignment, you will still receive full credit for the work. (2 cards: 1 assignment) | 4 cards | Assignment Skip III | This is similar to Assignment Skip II, but you can skip any 2 assignments and still receive full credit for them both. | 5 cards | Test Redo | Although everyone will receive 3 chances to redo each essay, if it is not enough, you may redo it again. After you redo the work, print out the test and staple the 5 cards to the front of the test and give to me. | 6 cards | Test Skip | If there is a test you do not want to do, simply write the Test Number on the back of your cards with your name and give it to me. You will not have to do the test, but you will also not receive credit either. | 7 cards | Test Skip II | This bonus is the same as above except you will have the opportunity to skip any 1 test AND receive a full score on it as well.

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