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Opposition Essay Of Andrew Jackson

  • Submitted by: arianlim
  • on March 7, 2012
  • Category: History
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Unfulfilled Blessings of Liberty, Civilization, and Religion
By: Arian Lim

The promise of white men to create a preferable country to live in has harmed the ideal future of the aboriginals. With many laws in place it is difficult for the native peoples of America to perform rituals that improve Earth. Rather, a destructive ideology imposed by white men to create an industrialized sanction. Moreover, Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, focused on the elimination of first nations people. (2) Although the purpose of the elimination was reasonable in terms of growth of technology, some believe that life would have been much better without such suggested improvements. Native culture influences others to live a respectable lifestyle, a life that would not have economic troubles, religious conflicts, and an equal technological plane. Furthermore, living in a culture that benefits earth in return should be the ideal way, but instead liberty, civilization, and religion has forced an unimaginable change.
An aboriginal economy is usually non-existent, instead trading is more prominent and should acknowledge respect for one another. Since the creation of money and its economy, trading had been a more influential way of determining the needs of each other. Each Native American required a certain material, whether it may be weapons, clothing, or food and with the proper respect each aboriginal would provide the necessities to one another through cooperation. (1) Verbal communication was the norm and travel helped prove that the individual was determined to gain respect. (1) It is then reasonable to signify that Native Americans were prominent when introducing new lands. Therefore, with the knowledge of the different tribes and locations, trading was focused on the necessities rather the idea of present day economy, where money buys some happiness.
Every aboriginal tribe had there own religion based on the past according to the verbal agreements....

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