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Opposition Development Paper

  • Submitted by: eglarod1980
  • on February 22, 2012
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Opposition Evaluation Paper
Egla Rodriguez
July 2, 2011
Pamela Genghini Munoz

Opposition Evaluation Paper
In the United States, issues often polarize between political parties. Democrats and Republicans form sides in what can only be described as political and social gridlock. Often the party platforms are really voice box for special interest groups and corporate lobbyists. These groups and companies form a backdrop of hidden agendas that will use a variety of means for advancing their arguments. No issue exemplifies this reality better than the continuous debate between environmentalists and big business, specifically oil companies vs. environmental groups.
There has been, since the 1980’s, a continuous controversy concerning the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. This controversy has been caused by pressure from increasing dependence on foreign oil. Proponents of drilling in the arctic cite economic reasons for their support, even though this action is only temporary in its ability to sever dependence on foreign oil (Raven, 2010). In opposition to this plan, environmentalists argue that the damage to the ecosystems would be severe and permanent. As well, they argue that the drilling would only stave off foreign oil dependence for about decade (Raven, 2010).
Oil companies and Republican politicians share a strong stakeholder interest in having the arctic refuge opened for drilling. Republicans desire to be free of foreign oil dependence because it would reduce energy budget costs. At the same time oil companies realize that their product only has limited time before it runs out and in order to maintain profit they must take advantage of all available resources. Oil companies dump huge amounts of money into Republican campaigns and lobby incessantly to push their agenda in government.
In opposition to these groups the environmentalists (whom are largely Democratic) have a large stake in saving the refuge as it is...

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