Opposite of Stress Essay

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What is the Opposite of Stress? I recently asked my network, ‘What is the Opposite of Stress?’ As you might expect there was a wide variety of answers. Some folks shared a single word, whilst others shared a scenario. The answers grouped into several broad categories: 1. Relaxed, Calm and Peaceful This category received the highest number of votes. Many people mentioned relaxing on a beach, often accompanied by drinks with paper umbrellas. I often ask people to visualise serene or peaceful scenes to counteract the pressures of stress. When we think of ‘peaceful’, we envision a lowered heart rate, a oneness with nature and an absence of tension. For many people, this nirvana is definitely not in an urban environment. Somehow, to be peaceful means to be separated from everyday ordinariness. This raises the question, is this opposite of stress achievable at work or in our daily lives? 2. Engaged, In Flow, Inspired or Empowered The second highest group of responses were words which indicated that the opposite of stress was when one was moving forward in a positive frame of mind, actively engaged in work and productive. Contrary to the previous definition this picture paints a visual of someone fully participating in their daily life, deriving pleasure and enjoyment from the task at hand. Several people talked about being ‘in the moment’ and living ‘one day at time.’ Much of the recent research into Happiness talks about the state of mindfulness, being fully present with what one is doing. This is nicely summed up in the quote: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” ~ Alice Morse Earle This definition seems to me to be quite compatible with modern life. However, I’ve found that this is the thing that many of us are seeking in work and never

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