Opposing Viewpoints on Energy Issues

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|Name: William Feola |Date: 7/30/14 | Graded Assignment Taking a Stand Follow the directions in the Student Guide to complete this graded assignment. If you choose to write an essay, include the essay below and submit this to your teacher. If you choose to create a presentation, submit the presentation file to your teacher. |Score | | | (50 points) 1. Write an essay in which you summarize the opposing viewpoints on the energy issue you researched in the previous lesson. Answer: In the United States, we are faced with the controversy of many energy issues that are a big problem today. One of those problems is how the energy is being used, and whether or not we should be using fossil fuels or renewable resources as our primary energy supply. There is opposing viewpoints on these energy issues, many opposing people bringing up good points about the other. These opposing viewpoints include if we are using too much of them, the availability of them and how reliable they are. First of all, the first opposing viewpoint of this issue is if we are using up too much of our resources and how bad we are handling these issues. Here in America, we just resort to using our fossil fuels as our primary source of energy, but that has raised a lot of eyebrows and caused a lot of opposition. People of opposition did not like the fact of how these fossil fuels were being handled and how fast they were being used. Knowing that we have renewable resources, the opposing voices argued that we need to use less fossil fuels and more of the renewable resources. They do have a valid point, with them bringing up the statistic that we are using fossil fuels 100,000 times faster than they are being formed and many people
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