Opportunity Missed Essay

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Opportunity Missed Looking back and recalling events from my past, it was hard to find a specific intance when an event changed my life. We’ve all had the thoughts: “Should I have said this?” “What if I’d picked door number one?” “Man, if I’d only waited a second longer, I could have been caller number nine!” These are all conscious and sometimes unconscious decisions that we make every day, but when a choice is made for you…it has a completely different effect. For some, this happens early on in childhood, or possibly even in high school. For me, this was not the case. High school, for the most part, was very easy for me. I was a fairly good student. I belonged to a majority of the clubs. I excelled in three different sports. While I wasn’t popular in the conventional sense, I was rather well known. Being the tallest girl in the county probably helped on that one, but it’s not important for this story. No, my dissappointment came much later durning my naval carreer. As an instructor at the Naval Survival Training Institute in Pensacola, FL, I was head and shoulders above all of my colleagues (literally and figuratively). I was the most qualified 2nd class petty officer in the command. I’d received my MTS (Master Training Specialist) designation in record time. Junior Sailor of the Year, and Instructor of the Quarter awards. Volunteer work was always something I was passionate about, so I created a Command Liasion position to get everyone involved. I serisouly never thought that I’d be nominated for a Civic Award two years in a row, just for doing something fun. I was young, a little naïve about my actions and how they could/would impact my carreer. Unbeknownst to me, these were all checks in the box for something that I didn’t know (at the time) that I wanted…to apply to be part of The World Famous Blue Angels. The process was

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