The opportunity of a lifetime

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime In major cities all over the United States there are children that grow up in underprivileged families, only knowing the sites of busy streets and high-rise buildings. They are raised in an environment that is stricken by poverty and violence. Many of them are forced to work to help their families and they miss out on being a kid. Even though they may be raised in a loving family, they still do not get to experience the same joys of other, more fortunate, children. There are many children in today’s society that never get the privilege of experiencing those joys such as summer camp, but now they can, through summer programs that allow them to go to camp for little or no cost! In 2003 and 2004 seventeen percent of children were living in families below the poverty line. Despite the declining rates from 1992 to 2002, the percentage of below poverty families has started to increase again. This is a problem because there is a greater risk for these children to have more problems while growing up. Children growing up in poverty are shown to have less cognitive ability and not do as well in school. They are also at a greater risk of having health, developmental, and emotional problems. Research has shown that poor children are more likely to be exposed to hazards such as illegal drugs, insufficient childcare, poor nutrition, and premature sexual activity. Finally, children that grow up in poverty are more likely to remain in poverty once they become adults. Summer camps have been in existence for over 100 years, starting in the mid-1800’s. When they first began, camps were for middle and upper class citizens who could afford to send their children to camp. Even today there are camps around the country that cost thousands of dollars for a two to three week session. Not long after summer camps started, they began to be

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