Opportunity Costs In Education Essay

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The Rojas Family: Family Assessment Inter American University of Puerto Rico Metropolitan Campus Science and Technology Faculty Carmen Torres de Tiburcio School of Nursing Professor: Lydia Rivera Roldan Abstract This paper presents my assessment of the Rojas’s family. The aim of this study was to established rapport and trust with the family to help them make better health choices. It facilitates motivation for the client and the nurse by providing a sense of achievement. In this paper I will discuss my experience with the Rojas’s family after about two months of interviewing the family. I will prove that with visiting the family regularly a student nurse can build a good nurse-family relationship. I will also show after a few visits how the family was able to improve their health status and become self-reliant in maintaining their health through appropriate interventions in a given time frame. Family Assessment The Rojas Family The family is the smallest unit of the society and the natural essential core of the community. It is said to be composed of persons, male and female, being molded to be as one, working hand in hand to maintain a good atmosphere among the family members, but in my experience I have learned that a family is whatever the client says it is. It is very important to get the impression or status of each family because it is the collection of all families that makes up the community as a whole. Community health nursing is a response to the health needs of the people. It does not focus on a particular class or family. Its aim is for the promotion and preservation of the health of its different clients. I chose the Rojas family because I have known them from the time I came to Puerto Rico two years ago and found them to be a very interesting family. The Rojas family is considered as a nuclear type of family. A nuclear type is a

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