Oppo & Threat Essay

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Micro and macro factors affecting Adidas footwear. Leave a reply Micro and macro factors affecting Adidas footwear. In the first session we met at the library to discuss the micro and macro factors that affect Adidas sports footwear. Prior to meeting, we all agreed to research one micro and one macro factor each. This resulted in a group discussion exchanging our ideas. We identified economical, technological and social factors as being the main macro factors affecting Adidas sports footwear. The main economical factor we identified to affect Adidas was the economy, this is because as of current the world is experiencing a global recession – the impact of this is that consumers have less disposable income and therefore less money to spend on non essential products, such as footwear. However sports footwear seems to be still growing. This is demonstrated in a ‘Mintel’ report, stating, “sports footwear has enjoyed healthy growth of 12% between 2006 and 2011, with the market reaching a value of £1.5 billion. However, this has lagged behind the performance of the total footwear market, which has experienced growth of 17% over the last five years and is estimated to be worth £4.4 billion in 2011. Sports footwear sales were much more severely affected by the economic downturn than sports clothing, contracting by 6% in 2009. However, the market bounced back with renewed vigor in 2010 and 2011, seeing annual growth of 11% and 5% respectively. Sports shoes are a major component of the footwear market, making up over a quarter (26%) of its overall value. The value of the sports footwear market is set to be worth £1.8 billion in 2016 according to Mintel’s projections, a robust growth of 18%.” (Mintel, 2011) The second main macro factor we identified was social factors, this is because many figures in popular culture have endorsed Adidas footwear, thus expanding the market

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