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Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research Volume 28 | Issue 17 CHAPTER XVII. OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION 6-7-2008 Article 2 ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES WITHIN THE PROCESS OF OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION (INTERACTIVE PAPER) Zineb Aouni Université de Liège, Belgium, zaouni@ulg.ac.be Bernard Surlemont Université de Liège, Belgium Recommended Citation Aouni, Zineb and Surlemont, Bernard (2008) "ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES WITHIN THE PROCESS OF OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION (INTERACTIVE PAPER)," Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research: Vol. 28: Iss. 17, Article 2. Available at: http://digitalknowledge.babson.edu/fer/vol28/iss17/2 This Interactive Paper is brought to you for free and open access by the Entrepreneurship at Babson at Digital Knowledge at Babson. It has been accepted for inclusion in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research by an authorized administrator of Digital Knowledge at Babson. For more information, please contact digitalknowledge@babson.edu. Aouni and Surlemont: ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES - OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION INTERACTIVE PAPER ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES WITHIN THE PROCESS OF OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION Zineb Aouni, Université de Liège, Belgium Bernard Surlemont, Université de Liège, Belgium Principal Topic Opportunity recognition has always been considered as a central aspect of entrepreneurship (Gaglio, 2004, Kirzner, 1979; Shane and Venkataraman, 2000, Shane, 2003). However, in entrepreneurship education research, little attention has been devoted to understand the learning needs associated to effective entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. This paper aims to fill in this gap by identifying the most important competencies for opportunity identification. Competencies are defined as the combination of knowledge, abilities and attitudes needed to accomplish a role efficiently. In adopting this definition, we are relating the

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