Oportunity Essay

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Opprtunity/; the enemy of Youth`s employment. When one takes a walk in Dar es salaam, Arusha, Mwanza or any other place of the nation, what he see is the huge number of youths loitering form here to there endlessly, as lost sheep or goat. The same, when one switches on the Television or radio among the broadcasted news is the cry of the youth towards the government asking for contmplation of employment. Sometimes, you may find this entire group “vijiweni” sniffing drugs; while some involving in prostitution kind of activivties as business and some involving in any other immoral activities which might lead to risking their lives. They (youth) have lost the appetite of living in their native nation, they have no aspire, expectations and contemplation from the government. Infact life is becoming harder and harder for them. Rather indeed hour by hour. May be they have no qualification to be employed by imagination; but the question is can it be possible that all youth loitering in the streets are not qualified to be employed in any of the gogernment sectors? Obviously it is not possible; then why are they not employed? IS it true that all government sectors are being covered not to allow vacancies? Real?! They say “ vijana ni taifa la kesho” (nation's youth are tomorrow) but how can that be if they are not given the chance to practice today? How will they get to know to rule if they are not given the opportunity today for gaining experience? Will they rule from the darkness? While asking ourselves such questions, and when that is happening it is different to the sons and daughters of the rulling class who are given a nice opportunity of education, governance practice and such other aspired positions. Article 22 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania gives the right to work to every individual including the opportunity and right to equal terms to

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