Opnion About Terrorism Essay

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My opinion about Terrorism What do I feel about terrorism? What does my religion, Islam, say about terrorism? Is killing people all right? These are some of the questions I am going to answer in this assignment. I think that such people are making fun of them self, of their country`s and their family. To shoot and kill a lot of people, centres, and country`s is not cool. They think that, if they bombs people or places where there is a lot of public, they will get their freedom. But as I can see it, I don’t think that is the right way. People die, and do you get your freedom? The Terrorist`s might think that they do not have enough freedom, and that’s why there are killing people. But what they are really doing is that they are making their own religion seem dangerous and barbaric. Which is not true, Islam is one the most non-violence and peacekeeping religions ever. Because of them everyone think that Muslims are dangerous and you should stay away from them. They put Muslims in a bad light because of those actions. These people are fanatic`s, they think that what they are doing is right. Usually these terrorists are young people, who have been brainwashed. These young people are brainwashed by some elder Muslim fanatics, who tell them that they should kill a lot of people to get what they want, and that’s just wrong. It gives me a really bad felling when I think of all this. What a world we are living in... There is nowhere in the Islamic book that says you should kill yourself and others just to make a point. As a Muslim myself, I think terrorism is a bad thing. These young people who kill themselves because of their “bosses” need to make a statement to the western world, is horrifying. What kind of people can do such things? When writing this paper, I have been struggling to find out what drives these people to do what they do, and my conclusion is some

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