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When we were young we all had that one person that would influence us to help transform us to the person we’ve become or strive to become. When it came to Russell Baker the person that influenced his life was his English teacher Mr. Fleagle, who had inspired him to become a writer. Baker described that in High School writing was a challenge but, it was a passion he never knew he had. Baker stated he didn’t see writing as “real career”, that it was only a career for the rich and a hard job to make a living off a writer’s income (p.60). It’s evident that Mr. Fleagle is extremely passionate about what he teaches, Baker described Mr. Fleagle as being “notorious among City students for dullness and inability to inspire” (p.60). Baker was dreading this long year of lifeless English and it had seemed to turn out that way until one day when Mr. Fleagle assigned an option of several topics for an informal essay. After procrastinating for a while, baker scanned his paper, he didn’t find a single topic that interested him, and then he came across the topic “The Art of Eating Spaghetti” (p.62). Baker then began to reminisce about being back in Belleville with all his family seating around the table and they ate spaghetti for the first time. When Baker first thought about the topic he was unsure if it would be a good topic for an essay, but he wanted to write it for his own joy, not for Mr. Fleagle, “It was a moment I wanted to recapture and hold for myself” (p.62). By the time Baker was done writing his remembrance of that night there was not enough time left to write another essay that he intended on writing for the class due the next day. “There was no choice next morning but to turn in my private reminiscence of Belleville” (Baker). After turning in the essay a couple days later he returned all the papers back to the students expect for Backers paper, Mr. Fleagle began to

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