Opinion Piece On The Floq Crisis Essay

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The Front de libération du Quebec (FLQ) is a terrorist Quebec nationalist group. They were involved in over 200 violent crimes since 1963; including bombings, threatening the public, stealing explosives from the military and used stolen funds₁. They kidnapped the Israeli and American consuls. On October 5 1970, the FLQ kidnapped James Cross. James Cross was the British Trade Commissioner, and was held for 60 days₁. On October 10 the FLQ then kidnapped Pierre Laporte, who was later executed and abandoned₁. These events lead to Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau’s decision in enacting the War Measures Act. Enacting the War Measures Act was a violation of citizens’ human rights and were unreasonable. Trudeau was not justified in enacting the War Measures Act. The incident of which caused the enactment, the kidnapping of politicians and threats/ransoms targeted towards Quebec, was a matter that should of been dealt with provincially. There was no international or national emergency. The Act was created during the World Wars, used to imprison Canadians with ethnic backgrounds of non allied countries₂. The Act was created on an international emergency, therefore precedent should of mattered. From the notes of a national broadcast, Trudeau said “I am speaking to you at a moment of grave crisis, when violent and fanatical men are attempting to destroy the unity and the freedom of Canada. One aspect of that crisis is the threat which has been made on the lives of two innocent men.₃” The FLQ crisis was a domestic affair, solely in Quebec. The War Measures Act gave free rain to all government figures all over the country. Trudeau justified the use of the Act as the crisis was a threat on the lives of two innocent men, but the government would never have used the War Measures Act on the kidnapping of two different men that had no political influence. The Canadian Bill of

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