Opinion on Non Discrimination Act Essay

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Allysa Collado AP Language Comp Period 6 11/30/13 There is another addition to the growing debate on same sex marriage: the passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Andrew Rosenthal in “Gay Rights, Congress Lags” argues that the Employment Non-Discrimination Acts was indeed passed but its passing will be no use due or “dead” once it arrives to the House because it’s controversial to religion--and by religion, Christianity. Rosenthal encourages his readers to believe that this act is needed and shouldn’t be treated as nothing and argues that this act needs to be taken action of and must be passed without any exception for workers’ equality. Andrew Rosenthal is right, that the Employment Non Discrimination Act is needed to be passed without any religious exception. Andrew Rosenthal gathers support by essentially stating: If President Obama thinks sex discrimination is an offense, then people should believe so too. This argument by Rosenthal is weak but the contents of what he provides make an impact to many. Rosenthal includes what Obama has written in a blog post: “Its offensive. It’s wrong. And it needs to stop, because in the United States of America, who you are and who you love should never be an offense.” This blog post expresses the president’s support on ending discrimination in the work place based on sexual preference. President Obama’s statement is right on because a person’s sexual preference does not define his or her capabilities and what he or she can contribute to the work place. What comes after “sex” on a resume might matter on certain circumstances for some, but gender must not deprive anyone from having a workplace of equality and safety. Meanwhile, Rosenthal criticizes people of the opposing side. He defines Senator Marco Rubio as selfish, for not pursuing his beliefs because he “wants the Tea Party crazies to support him for

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