Opinion Essay-a Mobile For Your Four-Year-Old?

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------------------------------------------------- Opinion Essay A mobile for your four-year-old? What a bad call… In my view it is not necessary for four-year-old child to have a mobile phone. As far as I am concerned the mobile phones are not really healthy neither for adults or for children. In the following paragraphs I am going to explain why I think it is a bad idea for four-year-olds to own a mobile. * There can be no earthly reason why a child of four would need a mobile phone, but there must be many reasons why it shouldn't have a mobile phone… * It is not possible to conduct a phone conversation with a four year old. * Four-year-olds rarely, if ever, have information to impart of such significance that it cannot wait until they are five. * The child should always be in the company of a responsible adult who has a phone . * Four-year-olds never hang up. * If a parent don't know where his four-year-old is, there's no point in ringing him. He doesn't know where he is either. * For much less money mommy can get tiny T-shirts with her phone number and the word REWARD printed on them. * Four-year-olds are enough trouble as it is. The last thing parents want to do is give them is the means to organize. Now that I have weighed the contras of having cell phones for children, finally it comes down to the parents who have to judge the capabilities and needs of their children and make the decision accordingly. Parents should not encourage materialistic thinking in the children and explain properly to the child why she/he cannot have the cell phone at a young age. Parents always expect their children to grow up to be responsible adults, but they should realize that it is their own decisions in matters like these that are instrumental in shaping the future of their

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