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Parenting within itself is a difficult task let alone being a single parent or a parent to a teenager. Parents with teenagers are left to deal with the drastic changes of their teen going through adolescence, as well as well as fearing what decisions their teen may make if given the opportunity. Parents are forced to walk a tightrope between loosening their rules and protecting their kids. This sometimes leads to confrontations between the teen and their parent. Should parents be permitted to invade their teen’s privacy or should they be forced to respect it? According to the Supreme Court of the State of Washington, not only should parent have to respect their teenager’s privacy they should be legally obligated to. In the case of a mother listening to her admittedly “out-of-control” fourteen teenager, in which her daughter’s boyfriend confessed of a crime, the Supreme Court of the State of Washington not only allowed the accused lawyer to argue that the mother was violating the privacy of her daughter. They agreed with the lawyer’s argument that the parent did act in violation of her daughter’s privacy. Now personally I believe that this ruling sends out the wrong message to teens across the country. At fourteen years old I do not believe that a teen, who is still a child, is entitled to privacy. For one of two reasons: they are still legally considered a minor and unable to make any decisions without the consent of their parents. If a fourteen year old was to commit a crime, in most cases their parents would be held legally responsible. If they laws see fit for a minor to have privacy then they should also understand that they should be holding that child responsible because they are putting restrictions on how parents can monitor and protect their children. Some of the risks that come with allowing privacy for teens are the inability to control and protect

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