Operations Mangement Essay

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Sample Operations management interview questions * How many years of work experience do you have in the field of operations? * As a student of operations management, what kind of live projects did you undertake? * What happens when the cash management cycle is disturbed? * How is the costing of a work in process inventory done? * What is bullwhip effect? How do you minimize its consequence on the operations of a business? * What you do you understand by economic order of quantity? * How does increase in production lead to economies of scale? * What is meant by master production schedule? At what level is it done? And who are responsible for doing the MPS? * What are the checklists while shipping an end product? * How is the efficiency of a department measured? Mention 2 efficiency ratios, their formulae, and application. * As on operations manager, which items do you insure? * Based on your previous work experience, tell us how do you deal with situations that lead to shortages of actual demand? * How do you determine the safe level of products on the shop floor? Operations Management 1. Tell us something about yourself. 2. What is your reason for applying in this organization? 3. What is your total work experience as an operations manager? 4. What is your educational qualification and do you think that your educational qualification is related to the position that you are applying? 5. What do you understand about the job responsibilities of an operations manager? 6. Give a brief detail about your experience as an operations manager in your current organization? 7. What kind of projects were you involved in your previous organization and how did you execute them? 8. What kind of work environment do you usually prefer? 9. What are your goals in life? What are you doing to

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