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Child Development One of my close friends Karlla who is a single parent has a six year old son named Victor. Since I was free over the weekend, I decided to pay them a visit. I figured I can help her out by watching Victor for the whole day and give her some rest and relaxation because I knew it was hard being a single parent working full time and going to school at the same time. So I took this opportunity to get my assignment done by using Victor as my test subject to see where he was regarding Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Karlla knowing knew that I have taken many psychology course knew I was capable of watching Victor for her, so she started to make reservation for a day at the spa. To get Victor to comply with my homework, I promised him chocolate candy if he helped me. Thrilled by the sight of a bag full of Halloween candy, he agreed and I went to grab some supplies in the kitchen. Exposed to the sight of candy, my first conservation task was to test the conservation of number testing. I took out all the Twix miniature candy from the bag and counted 14 of them. I then lined up two rows of candy by having seven Twix in each row. One row I lined up all the Twix together, the second row I left gaps in between them. I proceed to test Victor by asking him “If there were the same amount of Twix in each row or if they were different?” he shouted out seven and seven, which represented the two rows of candy I assembled. To further test his knowledge, I stretched out the candy wider and farther keeping both row of seven Twix still to see if length would trick him. Victor smiled and said the rows are the same, which indicates to me that he has the ability to decentration which means he has the capabilities to focus on different features such as seriation. Seriation is the ability to order the items based on same feature such as length or width. I would

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