Operations Management Problem Essay

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Assignment 5 1- (10 points) Page 129 #5. Suppose that the design specifications for hydraulic cylinder are 10.00 ± 0.10 centimeters, and that the Taguchi loss function is estimated to be L(x) = 2,400 (x - T)2. (a) Determine the estimated loss for a production order if the quality characteristic under study takes on a value of 10.04 and 100 parts are produced. L(x) = 2,400(x - T)^2 L(x) = 2,400(10.04 - 10.00)^2 L(x) = 3.84 3.84 x 100 = 384 384$ (b) Assume the production process is recalibrated weekly and a new sample of cylinders after recalibration reveals an x-bar of 9.789. What action, if any, is need in this situation? Explain. L(x) = 2,400(9.789 - 10.00)^2 L(x) = 106.85 106.85 x 100 = 10,685 The production process needs to be recalibrated before production goes into effect because 9.789 is out of the tolerance area and would cost the company greatly. 2. (9 points) page 129-130 #9. A simple electronic assembly consists of two components in a series configuration with reliabilities as shown in the figure below.  (We’ll call Design Option A) Engineers would like to increase the reliability by adding additional components in one of the two proposed designs shown below:  (Design Options B and C) a. Find the reliability of the original design. Rs = (.90)(.95) Reliability = 85.5% b. Explain how the configurations of the proposed designs differ. The proposed design differs because it has parallel components. This means if one of the parallel components fail its counterpart can keep the process going. This means that in order for the process to fail both components have to fail which makes the process more reliable. c. Which proposed design has the best reliability? The second one with the two parallels. It’s probability is 98.8% as
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