Operations Management Minit Lube Case Essay

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Minit-Lube Case Study Patricia Zavalza Benedictine University MBA 630: Operations Management January 17, 2013 State any business problem that the enterprise needs to resolve. The business problem Minit-Lube currently has is that they are not achieving competitive advantage, in a competitive market. The idea is to charge no more and less than their competitors without sacrificing differentiation and responsiveness to those they serve. Briefly summarize relevant background information from the case. Minit-Lube stations are service providers that perform oil changes, lubrication, and interior cleaning for their customers. At Minit-Lube, service employees who have graduated from Minit-Lube’s special training facility called “Minit Lube U greets the customer. As a customer for Minit-Lube you can expect to be greeted as soon as you enter the station and you car to be left in good hands. There is a three person team working on the car, one is checking fluid levels under the hood, another assigned to the interior to vacuum and clean the windows, and the third is in the garage pit removing the oil filter, draining the oil, checking the differential and transmission, and lubricating as necessary. These assigned tasks are to be completed in a timely manner so that the car and the customer are out in 10 minutes. Describe how the enterprise dealt with its issues, if relevant Minit-Lube has instituted some actions that will help them deal with its issues. Minit-Lube requires that the service personnel who are employed at the station graduate from Minit-Lube U. This requirement will properly train the service personnel to better serve the needs of the customers in an effective and timely manner. There are three dedicated service personnel assisting each vehicle that needs to be serviced which lives up to the goal of having the customer in and out in 10 minutes. The

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