Operations Management Essay

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1 Abstract Newly hired as the Director of Infrastructure and Operations, I was tasked with making the team more productive. The main concern was the assembly time from a new server request to fulfillment. The context behind the initiative was to move to “ready inventory” from a “make to order” mindset. The response time and options from cloud providers were used as the baseline to meet or beat in the accomplishment of this task. Demand management spawned a host of other discovered inefficiencies. This one initiative created changes to inventory management, process management, demand management, and ultimately quality. These were covered without leaving the bounds of the original intended outcome. Technology organizations handle inventory differently than product organizations, however, the correlation is very accurate. These simple changes resulted in remarkable improvements in efficiency and produced a ten and a half month return on investment. Geoff Hart argued that organizations could increase the trifecta of project management: cost, speed, and quality. The results of these changes reinforce Hart's position. Process Improvement Project Introduction The Infrastructure and Operations Division is responsible for the: data center, servers, networks, security (electronic), virtualization, storage, monitoring, and cloud services. The team had a perception of being slow to respond and uncaring about the needs of the business. This was based entirely off of the “build to order” processes that had been built in over time without proper process management. Without realizing this fact, the division had been slowly bringing themselves closer to the boiling point; referring to the quote by Wendy Wunder who states “If you put a frog in some warm water and slowly turn up the heat, he'll stay there until he boils. Just like people, we are too lazy to change so we'll

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