Operations Management Essay

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Sunderland Business School |Level: 2 |Module: UGB233 Operations Management | |Assignment Code: |Module Leader: | |Dute day: | | PART A – COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Contribution to unit assessment: 70 % of overall mark Subject: Individual analysis of Hogsmeadow Garden Centre Background: See attached case study material Notes: 1. Minimum of 1500, maximum of 2000 words. 2. The assignment must be presented in a form that complies with the basic conventions of a report format (see Guide to Basic Study Skills). The questions are: 1. Identify some of the micro-operations to be found at the garden centre. For each one: (a) Identify the transforming and transformed resources. (b) State which is the predominant transformed resource. (c) Describe the output of each micro-operation and say who you think its customers are. 2. Describe the micro operations in terms of volume, variety, variation and visibility. What issues does your analysis reveal? 3. Why is inventory control such an issue as described in the case? What could be done to improve inventory control at aggregate level? 4. Apply Terry Hill’s framework to identify order-winners and order-qualifiers for the garden centre. How would you advise Don Dursley with regard to his Operations Strategy? Assignment presentation and assessment The assignment should be presented in the form of a report not to exceed 2000 words. The criteria for assessing the report will be: Report

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