Operations Management Essay

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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Assignment Wits Business School Evirt Holtzhauzen Document Flow Process in Dealership (Parts) Current Situation: The basic creation of any system document Any request for a document (Invoice , Order , Quote) is processed by a user on a terminal , the request is the send via the network to the main frame , the document is electronically created and stored on the mainframe , lastly a hard copy is printed back through the terminal on the printer The following are the major documents in the Parts department : • Sales invoices/POD’s (proof of delivery) • Requisitions (parts picking notes) • Quotes • Credit notes • Supplier invoices/GRN’s (Goods received note) Each document starts with an original document which flows through different channels to be finally archived for later retrieval if necessary. Filing is done according to document number by filing clerks and administrators in each department. Some documents are duplicated to be filed in other categories for faster retrieval later. Very similar processes for document creation and filing exist in all the other departments. Quotes: Request for quote is printed , hard copy faxed to customer and filed Invoices/POD’s Invoice is picked , delivered , signed by customer , put in box for filing clerk. POD Requests: Request for POD is passed on to admin who requests the hard copy from the filing clerk who makes a copy and files it again. The copy goes back to admin who faxes it to the customer. Credit Request: Credit request from customer goes to admin, admin requests a hard copy of original invoice from filing clerk who makes a copy (re-file the original) which goes back to store to receive parts to be credited, admin prints a hard copy of the credit which is faxed and posted to the customer, a

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