Operational Planning Essay

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Operational Planning Essay It is standard practice for most businesses to manage the risk of undesirable events on critical operations, processes, or facilities in order to ensure that negative impacts towards the overall enterprise are minimised. For example, most companies monitor their compensation and liability risks periodically to be sure that there are no unacceptable exposures to loss. Similarly, corporate assets must be protected from damage or loss resulting from adversary attacks, which is the responsibility of a company’s security organisation. To accomplish this, security professionals must assess the risk to corporate assets, and recommend security systems that reduce risk to an acceptable level. Previously, security has been thought of as a non-profit making part of a company, good for giving advice and support when required, but not really adding much in the way of value to the business. Kovacich and Halibozek (2003) call security ‘a necessary evil’’: you are there, because they really have no choice. In addition to the security departments’ traditional roles of premises guarding and access control, other challenges for corporate security have appeared such as: organised crime, money laundering and terrorism at home and abroad, also the introduction of statutory regulations covering, among other things: health and safety, data protection and anti-terrorism. In order to deal with these challenges, corporate security will need to adopt a strategy which includes the use of risk assessments, policies and procedures. Joshua Bamfield (2006) says that, Kovacich and Halibozek (2003) and Manley (2004) indicate that conducting risk assessments are an essential part of security, not only because they can be the basis of developing improved security strategies, but simply because employers are required to carry out objective risk assessments to

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