Operation Technology Essay

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ARTICLE REVIEW Thomas D. McCarty, Sally A. Fisher (2007) Six sigma: it is not what you think, Jones Lang Lasalle, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Journal of Corporate Real Estate Vol. 9 No. 3, 2007 pp 187-196. The objective of the article is to offer a practice guide for where to apply six sigma process improvement methodologies to the corporate real estate function. This article intended to address the service sector in particular corporate real estate organization, its leaders and subordinates. The party involved should have at least basic knowledge of six sigma depend on where they sit in their organization hierarchy. The front line leaders of Six Sigma are called black belts. These individuals are full-time project leaders with all the same responsibilities as green belts. However, black belts receive significantly more training than green belts and are expected to generate more results from larger scope projects (Hoerl, 2001). The article is espousing the use of six sigma process improvement methodology in corporate real estate function and provide practical guidance on how to get started and to overcome resistance that process improvement is not for service organization like corporate real estate. The author does not proposed any new model or new solution to problem of six sigma but rather provide a practical guidance for where to apply six sigma in the organization. There is no evidence being put forward on practicality of adopting six sigma in corporate real estate organization. The author did not provide empirical evidence but opine that if six sigma fully implemented it is likely to yield 15-20% reduction in occupancy cost, procurement cost and labor cost. The author also believes that the organization culture and ability to adopt changes is one of the key ingredients for the six sigma to be successfully implemented in any organization. The author
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