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I’m going to report HACCP of a steakhouse restaurant name is OUTBACK Steakhouse, located at Causeway Bay. They are a huge brand of steakhouse, over 1000 restaurant in United States and 21 countries internationally (of course including Hong Kong) When I arrived OUTBACK steakhouse I found a really good environment of a dining room and all staff (Server and Chef) are dress smart and tidy. They all look energetic and charming. You can’t find anyone is look like sick to on spot. One of receptionist she came to me asks for some information and shows us the table in the very friendly way. The environment in the restaurant is awesome when I pass through the restaurant. The reception desk, table, tablecloth, floor, glass and dinnerware are very clean and tidy. In a toilet, the environment and cleaning facility is completely well. The M-FOLD paper, Liquid soap and the dry hand machine all are on service. Also I saw a staff using a liquid soap to wash hand and use dry hand machine after he finish a toilet. I think the servers are well trained and service – oriented. Have a strong mind about how to prevention of infection; high standard hygiene and a program for food safety is running. Avoid any chance to outbreak of food borne illness. On the menu, a hundred choices of food or drinks you can order. Ingredient details also mention in very details way. This is very great to prevention of allergens cause we have to beware that many people these days experience allergies to specific food types. Example the most popular eight types are milk, eggs, fish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans and crustaceans. One of the staff introduce what is the special in the house and told me all the approved beef is order from a suppliers have in place a documented and monitored HACCP and sanitation program. Some tent card also are mention Outback is require the
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