Operation Research Assignment Essay

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ASSIGNMENTS MB 0032 (2 credits) Set 1 Marks 30 Operations RESEARCH Note: Each Question carries 10 marks 1. Describe in details the different scopes of application of Operations Research. Scope of Operations Research (OR) In general, whenever there is any problem simple or complicated, the OR techniques may be applied to find the best solution. In this section we shall try to find the scope of OR by seeing its application in various fields of everyday life. i) In Defence Operations: In modern warfare the defence operations are carried out by a number of independent components namely Air Force, Army and Navy. The activities in each of these components can be further divided in four sub-components viz.: administration, intelligence, operations and training, and supply. The application of modern warfare techniques in each of the components of military organizations requires expertise knowledge in respective fields. Further more, each component works to drive maximum gains from its operations and there is always a possibility that strategy beneficial to one component may have an adverse effect on the other. Thus in defence operations there is a necessity to co-ordinate the activities of various components which gives maximum benefit to the organization as a whole, having maximum use of the individual components. The final strategy is formulated by a team of scientists drawn from various disciplines who study the strategies of different components and after appropriate analysis of the various courses of actions, the best course of action, known as optimum strategy, is chosen. ii) In Industry: The system of modern industries is so complex that the optimum point of operation in its various components cannot be intuitively judged by an individual. The business environment is always changing and any decision useful at one time may not be so
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