Operation Paperclip Essay

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Project Paperclip At the close of WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union was astonished at the advanced technology of Nazi Germany. A plan was devised by the United States known as Operation: Paperclip. Its purpose was to capture and bring former Nazi scientists to the US before the Soviets captured them. The question is why? Since the dawn of mankind, we have been creating advanced technology as we evolve. At first it was just the power of fire and the stone wheel but the desire to advance was always rooted in man. As conflicts grew between different people, both primitive and modern alike, the desire to protect one grew leading to using tools as weapons. Fire became no longer a gift from the gods for life and light, but rather a tool for destruction. Humankind’s passion to destroy one another leads them to invest in the advance of technology. This can be seen during WWII and the decision on Nazi Germany. On January 30, 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) came to power in the Reichstag of Germany. Led by their charismatic and influential leader, Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich would rule Europe for nearly a decade. Hitler led them and the German people to believing in the superiority of the master Aryan race and its divine right to create a new German Empire free of the ills of society. An idea was devised by Hitler and top leading Nazi scientist to create a “Wunderwaffe” or “wonder weapon” that would help conqueror the world. The idea was to harvest the raw and natural elements of the Earth and diabolically split and twist them, to serve as the greatest weapon the world has ever known, the nuclear bomb. (Loftus, p26) With the failed attempt to conquer the USSR with Operation Barbarossa, the Siege of Leningrad, Operation Nordlicht, and the Battle of Stalingrad, Nazi Germany found itself at a disadvantage. The failed conquest had

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