Operation Overlord: The Battle Of Normandy

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Abstract The battle of Normandy is one of the most talked about battles during World War II. The battle of Normandy was a battle that consisted of air (Army Air Force), land (Army), and sea (Navy) soldiers from the United States, France, Great Britain, and Canada hoping to bring liberation back to France. The battle of Normandy, codenamed Operation Overlord, started on 6 June 1944 and ended on 25 August 1944. D-Day began with an airborne assault from British and American soldiers landing behind the Atlantic Wall to secure a bridge codenamed Pegasus. Next, American, Canadian, and British soldiers conducted an amphibious assault on the hardened five beaches of Normandy to overrun the Atlantic Wall manned by Hitler’s Army. Months before…show more content…
All the planning and training conducted by leaders and soldiers leading up to this day will, in their mind, reign defiant over the enemy. The next phases of the operation is the air assault phase conducted by soldiers from Britain and the US and the land assault conducted by thousands of troops traveling on boats from Britain to Normandy by way of the English channel. Airborne…show more content…
Mere-Eglise, secure the crossings near la Fiere and Chef-du-Pont, and secure a portion of land on the north side of Neuvile-au-Plain which this position would tie in to the 101st Airborne Division’s position. Paratroopers of the 507th PIR and 508th PIR, upon landing, secure the land on the west side of the Mederet River and put together on the west side of the river two bridgeheads. The 507th had an additional task to help the 505th in protecting the bridgehead at la Fiere then defend Gourbesville all the way to Renouf southwest rout leading to these locations. The 508th was to occupy the Douve River near Beuzeville-la Bastille and Pont l’Abbe and demolish the crossings. Just as 101st Airborne Division landed everywhere on the drop zone when they parachuted in, the 82nd Airborne had the same issue. The 505th, 507th, and 508th all were scattered across the different drop zones leaving paratroopers temporarily disoriented. Out of all the units, the 505th was one unit that had more than half of its unit when it landed. Those that were initially not with the unit at the assembly area, they arrived shortly

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