Operation Mockingbird Argumentative Essay

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“Hi, my name is Peter Mayhem and I’m an American. Just by saying my nationality you’ve most probably already come up with some stereotypical conclusion. Except that doesn’t work on me. The papers are right, I am a hundred percent American, lived in Washington my entire life, and up to the widest range I could reach to in my family tree, I am not related to any foreigners. A long thing said short; I’m an American by blood, but not by mind. Everyone around there is completely brainwashed, living for the enthusiasm of accomplishing goal after goal. They say America is the land of possibilities and freedom. Well that is seemingly true, except the limit comes right after accomplishing the goal, when people have already moved on, or have been programmed to move on,…show more content…
Fortunately we have those free thinkers, who think remote this cycle. They are the ones the American government captivates interested in their concurrence cooperation, otherwise they will be isolated in any way beyond your wildest imagination. Any individual that implies a threat towards harming or interrupting the American cycle, or in other words the control over the people will automatically be destroyed. “How?” you may ask. Well, it’s as simple as spreading a rumor around school. The term is known as Operation Mockingbird; the CIA manipulation of the media. The CIA create a story that is fed to a stringer, who will feed it to a news service, reach the A.P. associated press whom will pick it up and send it around the world, printed in hundreds of news papers. Knowing the people today, or at least the Americans, they will pick up the newspaper, read, believe, react to the situation, and move on. To be fair, few people will question the rumor, or even rebel against it, but only until they have reached the limit. So there you have it; the government has just manipulated us into accomplishing their mission. As the free thinking comedian George Carlin once said; “Some people see things that are and ask,
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