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Operations Management: Custom Molds Case Study What are the major issues facing Tom and Mason Miller? Major issues facing the Miller family are: 1. The electronics industry to which they supply and their own business is changing. This is due to the fact that the electronics manufacturers have shifted their strategies; they are now developing strategic partnerships with their suppliers. Custom Molds has to adapt to these changes. 2. The demand for multiple molds is declining, contrary to the earlier days. Earlier they used to produce custom designed molds for producing plastic parts majorly and limited manufacture of plastic parts. Through the data provided in the case study we can conclude that during the last three years Custom Molds has been consistently getting more work in the mass production of plastic parts and the custom made molds have been decreasing. 3. The order sizes for plastic parts were increasing. The reason for this being an issue for Custom Molds is that traditionally they have concentrated on the custom molds. But since they are getting a lot more work to produce plastic parts, they probably need to change the job shop layout to something more suitable for mass production. 4. Delivery problems with plastic parts. The customers have been complaining about the late delivery of parts. Bottlenecks are springing during un-predictable production processes. If this goes on for too long, Custom Molds will lose credibility in front of their customers and some customers may decide to part ways. And the fact that they have still not been able to pin-point the cause is even more devastating. 5. In-efficient testing and inspection process resulting in orders being returned after delivery. The testing and inspection process has to be carried out as rigorously as possible. Sadly though, Custom Molds’ testing and inspection team has not

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