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Drawing upon examples from management activities undertaken in the seminars and/ or your experiences of team working in organisations, identify two key theories, concepts or models that have helped you to reflect on your behaviour in group situations. Introduction This essay will focus on the key concept of an individual behaviour in group situations. Every individual has different behaviour in a group. Each individual react differently in different conditions. We will look on the interpersonal communication because of its significance in understanding the organisational behaviour or any group behaviour and Group Polarisation. In general view we all know that communication is simply a transmission of information, but it’s not only a simple transmission of information it’s more than that. Like if we closely look at the person who is asking for the time, we often able to tell something about that person like how they are feeling either they are in hurry or not. Communication is an important in any group work or in understanding organisation behaviour because it influences group performance. Now lot of technology is developing which may change the pattern of organisational communication. According to John Kotter( 1982,1999) cited in Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) found that “ the most managers spend their time in conservation, often on the topic not directly related to the business, but central to maintaining networks and relationship and to developing goals and action plan”. With globalisation, now we are in more demanding world, we may likely to work alongside with the people from other countries or people with different culture. Different culture has different view and opinions on how conservation should be handle like eye contact, greeting. There are mainly two types of communication network, centralized or decentralized networks. In centralised
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