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Ricardo Abreu February 26, 2013 IC3 Project 6 PROJECT 6 (Part 1) Windows 8 has many features that come with it. In this paragraph I will tell you all the features that are within Windows 8. One feature that Windows 8 has is: (1) Touch or click your way through your favorite apps, websites, playlists, software programs and more. (2) Organize your start screen for browsing experience that fits you best. (3) You can access information and news you watch with live titles on your start screen that offer real time updates for Facebook, Twitter, and Email. (4) You can create multiple personalized accounts on a single device, so you and your family can enjoy a unique desktop. (5) Another feature is that you can turn a picture into a password for your PC, then you can draw shapes directly to your touch screen or use your mouse to unlock. (6) The six feature is that you can start conversations with your friends from Facebook and Messenger with the Messaging app. You receive e-mail notifications from desktop. You can also see the 10-day forecasts with the Weather app. (7) Experience Internet explorer 10, it’s a new browser designed to take full advantage of Windows 8. It has touch-screen capabilities, and protection. (8) The eighth feature include discovering new apps such as iCloud, cut the rope, whenever you access windows store and use them up to 5 Windows 8 devices. (9) Another feature Windows has multitasking with erase of the ability to snap apps side by side, so then you can use two apps at the same time. (10) The last feature Windows includes is keeping track of your kids PC usage, and set limits on which web sites they are allowed to use with Family safety. Apples OS X 10.8 Mountain lion Apples OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has great features. In this paragraph I will tell you at least 10 great features Apples have for mac. (1) iMessages – When

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