Operating System Administration Essay

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BSc (Hons) Business Informatics Systems BIS/06 - Full Time Examinations for 2008 – 2009 / Semester 1 MODULE: Operating System Administration and Management MODULE CODE: OSS2103 Duration: 2 Hours 30 minutes Instructions to Candidates: 1. 2. 3. This paper contains five questions Answer all five questions Total marks 100 Page 1 of 4 Question 1 a) Give three technical merits of UNIX. (3 marks) b) Differentiate between “clustered systems” and “real-time systems”. (6 marks) c) Describe the purpose of using “trust relationship” (3 marks) d) What is an object with respect to windows server 2003? (3 marks) e) Explain how trees differ to forests, and how they are also related. (5 marks) Question 2 a) The domain name system is made up of three main components. State and describe each component. (8 marks) b) Describe the two types of queries used in resolving FQDN. (6 marks) Page 2 of 4 c) Explain briefly three benefits of using “Domains” in the Active Directory. (6 marks) Question 3 a) Give three guidelines which can be used to decide whether to use domains or organization units. (6 marks) b) Describe the three main choices in naming a domain. (8 marks) c) Differentiate between “Global Groups” and “Local Groups”. (6 marks) Question 4 a) Distinguish between the “Group Policy Container” and the “Group Policy Template”. (8 marks) b) When a server is being brought down for service or crashes, there are five operations master which need to be transferred. Describe any of these three operations master. (12 marks) Page 3 of 4 Question 5 a) Briefly describe the following terms, found in the event viewer. i) Application log ii) Security log iii) DNS Server (6 marks) b) Give two examples which an administrator can perform when using “Group Policy” (4 marks) c) One strategy for controlling access to network
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