Operating System Essay

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What are Operating Systems? The primary goal of using operating systems is to make computers more easy to use. “It is easy to assume that a computer without an operating system is as good as a cup of coffee without a cup” (Kate Keshner). To use a computer without an operating system you would have to be an excellent programmer because you would have to create code to tell the computer what to do. An operating system is the most important program on a computer because it is used to run other programs. Basically the operating system is an interface between the hardware and the application software, for example while typing this document the operating system recognized the input from the keyboard and displayed it on the screen. Examples of operating systems are: Windows XP, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS etc Operating Systems Objectives and Functions • Convenience- as mentioned above operating systems makes using computers much easier. An application program is a set of instructions that tell the hardware what to do. This is not an easy task, therefore while programs are running the operating system checks on them, communicates to the processor what they need and act as an interface between applications and hardware. • Efficiency- an operating system is also a resource manager. Its secondary goal is to make sure the system operates efficiently. For example, it must determine how much of processor time must be used for the execution of a program. • Ability to evolve- as hardware changes, new services is required and bugs are detected and fixes the ability for operating systems to evolve is

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