Operating Management Essay

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| | Individual assignmentOperations & Quality ManagementName : Mikhel WandanaDate : 31 august 2012Lecturer : Mohamad Suhaimi | | | | . | Table of content Table of content 1 Introduction 2 Executive summery 3 Toyota system management 4 Lean management 4,5 Just in time 5-7 Supply chain management 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 9 Introduction Toyota production system is also known as a lean management, this system the system that is in the practice that the company do the production and reduce the waste element from the production, increasing the production with less time, storage, room, worker, and less spending money. The lean management has many advantages in business such as waste element can decrease up to 80%, the production cost can be cut out into half, production times go up , more strategic focus, higher profits and quality. Just in time or usually knows as JIT is the component in the lean management system which is the technique to increase the production. The intention of using JIT system is to increase the production and eliminate the waste element through making the simplify process. This method has a lot of component for the example is kamban system , this system is a very important part in the JIT system, this method has become the same opinion with the JIT system. This method is do the labeling and signboard as the notice at the JIT system . this system also known as the supermarket system owing to the fact that this system is original from the supermarket system. The supply chain management is one method to manage all the process of the order including the raw material through conversion and production through transportation) for the customer so that they will satisfied with the company. Executive summery In the global Japan get the second place for

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