Operacy 2013 - a Management Extravaganza Essay

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Thrill , passion and sheer hardwork best describe the event OPERACY 2013 – Think!Act!Evolve! A whole month of co-operation , co-ordination , time management , teamwork , patience and passion led to the success story of this year’s OPERACY. We unfold the journey to you. OPERACY 2013 was held at our college on the 19th & 20th of October 2013 in the Harihar Campus and on the 20th & 21st of October 2013 in the Pune Campus. Over our successful journey of more than a decade, OPERACY has metamorphosed from a paper writing competition to a national business festival, where burgeoning talents from all over India come together and experience the quintessential ambience of business learning, competence and excellence. Operacy is one of the most sought after business competitions, in which the most coveted institutions across the nation participate. The story begins with a flock of us deciding to compete for the coveted position of “MAFOR”(Management Forum) Representatives.We were made to deal with various tasks which helped hone our personalities and give us a real taste of the challenges the position held.The tasks included coming up with a unique theme for OPERACY which would capture the essence of the present scenarios..The theme we picked for OPERACY 2013 was ”DOOM SURVIVAL”. We also had to brainstorm and come up with distinguished , innovative names for the events to be held. The names we came up with were CATASTROPHE for Best manager in finance , INQUISITOR for Best manager in marketing , THE ILLUMINATI for Best manager in human resources , THE VICISSITUDES for Best manager in operations management and ANKURAN for Best Entrepreneur..To showcase our true potentials and show our worth for conducting this event we had to conduct a mock event involving the participation of our whole batch which we named “A Stepping Stone To OPERACY”.The mock event was a success and

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