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Open Your Eyes While reading Save the Wales, Screw the Shrimp a few things really became clear to me. It really made me think about how much humans disrespect and destroy the environment and everything around it. The way that Joy Williams tried to get his point across really made me think about how much a simple action can affect so much. I felt very close to what he was saying and it helped me to compare my own life to the things that he was saying. I think that this issue needs to be made clear so that people realize that it’s going on in the world and they need to make a difference. More people should be educated so that something can be done about it. I’ve never had a huge interest in the environment. Yes, I have always tried to help out as much as I can by picking up a piece of garbage or just taking care of landscape in my home. My family also plants a tree every year in select areas however I’ve never been really interested in it. After reading this essay it really opened up my eyes though to the real issues. Until reading this I never realized how people have slacked so much when it comes to caring for the thing that depends on our survival and our children’s survival. The fact that dolphins and turtles are being killed by the nets that fishermen use to catch fish really surprised me. It makes sense now that I think about it but it was never something that I even thought was possible. It’s sad to know that they know this is happening however they still do it and nobody is stopping them. Even though the TED is trying to prevent this the fact is that its still happening and no one is taking a huge stand to stop it. Another thing that really made me open my eyes was the fact that we are taking over the national parks for our own business’ housing and shopping centers. I think that the wildlife, forests and especially national parks should be saved. Its rare

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