Open Source Software Essay

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Open Source Software 1 OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE What are reasons for business to use open source software? Robert Keidel Western Governors University Open Source Software What are reasons for business to use open source software? 2 With the current economy difficulties, companies are trying to find areas in their businesses, where they can save money. Many companies are having no choice to let people go. Some try to avoid that and looking in other areas to save money. One of the areas is of course the IT department; especially the application accusation is an area that might lead to a big money saver. Even in financial difficulties times businesses need or want to improve their application environment, and sometimes it might be even necessary to invest in to the IT infrastructure and the result will to bigger savings and there is no need for the company to close their doors. But many business owners or CEO’s will question if open source software is ready for business. This research paper intended to answer this question. The best reasons to use open source software in a business environment are cost savings, it gives the freedom to use software and change the source as it is needed. Open source removes the need for dependence on single vendor solutions and it provides very high quality and very good support. To understand open source software it is important to know what open source is, and what the meaning of open source software is. This research paper will also show where open source came from; the history of open source software. In the beginning software programmers and hardware manufactures exchanged the source code to give everyone the chance to improve the code and build up on it. In the mid 80’s Stallman started the Free Software Foundation, an organization that developed the GNU system, an operation system that is compatible with the UNIX
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