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The freedom of the open road For my first observation essay I have decided to share with the world my favorite place to visit. My favorite place is not confined between four walls; it is not a vacation or tourist destination. My favorite place to visit is the open road. When I am having a bad day or when I am just looking to relax and enjoy myself I grab my gear and climb on my steed. For those of you not familiar with my terminology I am referring to my motorcycle or as I like to call it Captain Happy. I have to ask you the reader a question. Have you ever climbed on a motorcycle? Have you ever strapped a helmet to your head jumped on 2 wheels and felt the freedom of the open road? Well if you never have then be prepared to take a journey with me and feel the nirvana that I call freedom. On a nice hot sunny day I wake up with a big Kool-Aid smile, I roll out of bed and jump in the shower. I get dressed, Throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, my sunglasses, grab my helmet and head outside. First things first, I unlock the forks, check the tire pressure, check for any abnormalities and once that is complete I climb on the bike. I adjust the mirrors, check the fuel, and fire up the engine. The loud roar is the first thing that catches your attention, The sound of power, The sweet sound of the 93 octane pumping thru your machine as it warms up for the journey ahead. As I prepare to I am responsible for my safe return, I say a little prayer, I rev the motor and shift into 1st gear and away I go.depart on my adventure I remind myself

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