Open Letter to Prime Minister

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To address the issues related to the policy challenges in advent of the analysis emerging from the rankings of our country by the world bank sponsored WGI with regard to various indicators of Governance. Background Over the past 18 years WGI has been analysing the performance of countries of the world based on indicators like Voice and Accountability ,Political stability/No- violence ,Rule of law, Government effectiveness, Regulatory Quality and control of corruption. This is a world bank initiative and has international impact, carries weight for the foreign investors and also an important instrument of image making of the nations before the world. Main issue India being the largest Democracy of the world, is also emerging as the fastest growing economies and the world is looking at us with great hope . But in the recent times the economy of the country has not been doing enough, more so the terrorist strikes in various parts of the country besides the communal clashes in the country has led to a drastic change in the image of the country both within and outside. And coincidently a report of the survey of world bank initiative, worldwide Governance indicators has been published this time .The survey has been conducted on the indicators of good governance broadly six and the rankings of the country has been given separately for all the indicators. The ranking of our nation has not been very encouraging. The ranking on the indicator like voice and accountability which refers to the citizens participation in the Government formation besides the accountability of the institutions has decreased so are in Government effectiveness, political stability and rule of law. The regulatory functions of the Government have been ranked higher from last year which is a positive sign. This per se does not depict the exact scenario of the country as the sampling and the processing

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