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I really enjoyed reading the letter that was written by Gibor Basri from Cal Berkeley about the violent outbreaks of protest and political activism that occurs on and off campus. This email seems to be directed to everyone who might be involved or who might be affected by such incidents such as university students, professors, janitors, and just the regular community members. The author suggests that the people of Berkeley become more active in their community and aware of the incidents that are occurring right on their front lawn. I believe that the open letter to the community models respect because it makes the whole situation more personal. It helps make the readers feel like the author really does care enough to put for the effort to personally write such an email and send it out. I believe that the authors include off campus incidents to really show the seriousness of the situation and how it really affect the ENTIRE community and not just the university. If I were a student at Cal, I would not be able to sit back and just watch such things happen around me. I would most definitely become more involved in promoting understanding, equality and love all around the community. If I ever found my self in a situation that was mentioned in the email, I would surely step in and try to keep the peace, no matter whether i am in harms way. I am sure that there are people who say this and would never actually do it, but if I talk the talk, I sure as hell know how to walk the walk. I have been in such a situation and I have stepped in to break it up, in turn getting a few punches in the face.. but that is quite alright. I think that the reason why all four signed the email and not just I think that the reason why all four signed the email and not just the one was to give the readers the knowledge that this email is incredibly credible, but most importantly that this

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