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TCS Ignite Open Lab TCS Ignite Open Lab Kickoff Challenge 1 [Type the author name] [Type thea pail, but name] Education is not the filling of company the lighting of a fire. [Pick the date] - W. B. Yeats English poet and playwright (1865 - 1939) TCS Ignite Open Lab Cover Page: The Gundestrup Cauldron The hand drawn image displayed here is taken from a silver cauldron discovered a century ago in a peat bog at a small village called Gundestrup in Northern Denmark. Dated to be around 120 BC, the cauldron measures 14 inches high, 28 inches in diameter, and weighs 20 pounds. Interpretations abound as to what these figures actually symbolize. Some scholars believe that the images depict the folk life of the Celts and their god Cenunnous, the lord of animals. Some believe that the figurines are a direct link to Indic-civilization, with the male figurine resembling the Hindu God Pashupati, the lord of the beasts. Should we understand the influence as a thin variant of globalization – a historical process that had extensive reach but affected only small groups along trade lines? Thin globalisation can be thought of as a precursor to the 21st century globalization we witness today - extensive and intensive. The Gundestrup Cauldron © by J.P. Ignite, TCS The Artist J Prabhakar, known as J.P., is a Chennai based artist who specializes in pen-and-ink line drawings. With no formal education in art, J.P. is entirely self-schooled. Although his work is focused exclusively on the sacred arts and his themes tend to be temples, monuments and sculptures, he innovates constantly in terms of technique, technology, materials, form and content. His pursuit of excellence is a constant source of inspiration. 2 TCS Ignite Open Lab The TCS Ignite Open Lab – Kickoff Challenge The Challenge Consider the graph G0 with 3 components which

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