The Open Boat vs. The Perfect Storm

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Both The Open Boat and The Perfect Storm are prime examples of excellence. As you read The Open Boat (short story), you can’t help but get your attention caught. Likewise, in The Perfect Storm (movie), you’re constantly waiting to see how things work out. Perhaps you’ve guessed it, but both The Open Boat and The Perfect Storm are very much alike, mere ants up against the giant known as Mother Nature. Both stories find themselves battling against extremely harsh weather and waves of the ocean. Although, while the characters in The Open Boat pleaded with nature, asking for its mercy, the characters in The Perfect Storm challenged and embraced it. In The Open Boat we follow the adventure of four ship wrecked men, attempting to row to solid ground but are blocked by a very unforgiving sea. As they make their way toward land, they do everything in their power to not upset nature in fate, for they believed that upsetting either would result in their death. They realize they must work with nature, instead of attempting to conquer it for they are just a speck against its awesome power. The crew of The Perfect Storm on the other hand thought otherwise. Led by a determined captain, the swordfishing crew of Andrea Gail came home from a rather disappointing run. Hauling in a personal worst, Captain Billy Tyne was frustrated. He decided to almost immediately give it another go. After they had a very successful run in The Flemish Cap, their freezer dies and must return home. Despite numerous warnings by a fellow captain of one of the most powerful storm nature has created, they believed they could get through the beast. All is well until a tidal wave flips the boat, sinking and taking the lives of all aboard. The crew in The Perfect Storm and the shipwrecked four of The Open Boat were up against the same challenge, but went about getting by it in different ways. The Perfect

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