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Read the passage in Section A and answer all the questions as fully as possible. · Then choose one of the writing tasks in Section B. · Section A is testing your reading skills and Section B is testing your writing skills. · Check your work through carefully at the end of the exam. GOOD LUCK! SECTION A Read the passage carefully and then answer ALL the questions. Write in full sentences and use your own words as much as possible. Check your answers carefully for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar when you have finished. Lovejoy Mason is a lonely little girl who has made a garden on a sheltered corner of a bomb-site. Tip’s camp was the best hidden for miles; screened by a bit of an old wall, it was like an igloo built of rubble; there was only a little hole, close to the ground, by which to go in and out; even the smallest of boys had to lie down and wriggle. Outside it looked just another pile of bricks and stones; inside it had bunks made of orange boxes, an old meat-safe for keeping things in and an older cooking-stove in which it was possible to light a fire or heat up a sausage or soup over a candle; drinks were kept in a hot-water bottle.... The gang had thought the camp completely secret but “She’s in there now,” said Sparkey breathlessly. “I just seen her go in.” For a moment they stood still, then Tip put his two little fingers in the corners of his mouth and whistled. The next moment they went through the gap, down the bank and in the bomb-ruin. There was a violent noise of boots on stones, of hoots and cries as they hunted among the walls, then they found, and Lovejoy was surrounded. One minute the garden was there, its stones arranged, the cornflowers growing, the grass green, the next there were only boots. To Lovejoy they were boots, though most of the boys wore shoes, but boys’ shoes with heavy steel tips to

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